Wall Vents

Item #DescriptionPrice
DRYERWLVNTBROWN4″ 22 Ga galvanized brown powder coated dryer wall vent$42.35
DRYERWLVNTTAN4″ 22 Ga galvanized tan powder coated dryer wall vent$42.35
DRYERWLVNTWHITE4″ 22 Ga galvanized white powder coated dryer wall vent$42.35
DWVA033″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Damper     $16.24
DWVA044″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Damper$17.63
DWVA055″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Damper$19.50
DWVA066″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Damper$20.76
DWVA077″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Damper     $23.42
DWVA088″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Damper$26.97
DWVA1010″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Damper$45.10
DWVA1212″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Damper$54.29
DWVA1414″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Damper     $109.72
DWVC044″ Copper Wall Vent W/Damper     $93.06
DWVC055″ Copper Wall Vent W/Damper     $103.44
DWVC066″ Copper Wall Vent W/Damper     $76.48
DWVC077″ Copper Wall Vent W/Damper     $124.14
DWVC088″ Copper Wall Vent W/Damper     $142.98
DWVC1010″ Copper Wall Vent W/Damper     $160.17
DWVSS044″ Stainless Steel Wall Vent W/Damper$65.95
DWVSS066″ Stainless Steel Wall Vent W/Damper$79.94
LAM4BROWN4″ Round Brown Plastic Hood With Damper & Screen, Face Only$2.64
LAM4WHITE4″ Round White Plastic Hood With Damper & Screen, Face Only$4.95
LAM5BROWN5″ Round Brown Plastic Louvered Vent, Face Only$4.36
LAMALUM4CAP4″ Round Aluminum Dryer Vent Hood With Damper$5.08
PDWV4WH4″ White Steel Wall Vent W/Damper$26.53
PDWV5WH5″ White Wall Vent W/Damper$28.70
PDWV6WH6″ White Steel Wall Vent W/Damper$32.98
PDWV7WH7″ White Wall Vent W/Damper$39.17
PDWV8WH8″ White Steel Wall Vent W/Damper$42.65
PSWV44″ White Steel Wall Vent W/Screen$26.53
PSWV4BLACK4″ Black Steel Wall Vent W/Screen$26.53
PSWV55″ White Wall Vent W/Screen$42.84
PSWV66″ White Steel Wall Vent W/Screen$32.38
PSWV77″ White Wall Vent W/Screen$39.17
PSWV88″ White Steel Wall Vent W/Screen$42.65
SWVA033″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Screen$16.24
SWVA044″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Screen$17.63
SWVA055″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Screen$19.50
SWVA066″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Screen$20.76
SWVA077″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Screen     $23.42
SWVA088″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Screen$26.97
SWVA1010″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Screen$45.10
SWVA1212″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Screen$54.29
SWVA1414″ Aluminum Wall Vent W/Screen     $90.54
SWVC044″ Copper Wall Vent W/Screen$62.35
SWVSS044″ Stainless Steel Wall Vent W/Screen$65.95
SWVSS066″ Stainless Steel Wall Vent W/Screen$79.94
WVALUM3 1/4″ X 10″ Aluminum Wall Cap With Hood & Damper$28.70
WVBROWN3 1/4″ X 10″ Brown Powder Coated Steel Wall Cap With Hood & Damper$34.51
WVCOPPER3 1/4″ X 10″ Copper Wall Cap With Hood & Damper     NON STOCK ITEM$157.38
WVWHITE3 1/4″ X 10″ White Powder Coated Steel Wall Cap With Hood & Damper$34.51