Replacement Parts

Item #DescriptionPrice
EVERSPRINGCRIMPSpring, Crimpers/universal laminate shear$4.23
EVERSPRINGKDC9Spring, KDC9 Siding Snips, 13″$5.76
EVERSPRINGLHSpring, aviation snips, all right cut models$3.36
EVERSPRINGRHSpring, aviation snips, all left and straight cut models$3.36
GEN482ADeburring Tool Blade for Steel, Copper, Aluminum and Plastic$2.28
GEN81PReplacement Tips for #81 Scriber$0.96
IRWIN7SPRINGReplacement Spring For All #7 Vise Grips$0.84
JMLARGEHANDLEWooden Handle For 4, 6 and 7 Pound Soldering Copper$5.78
JMSMALLHANDLEWooden Handle For 2, 3 and 4 Pound Soldering Copper$5.78
MPCBCutter Bit for Malco HC-1 Hole Cutter$14.13
MPCBAB10 Pak 8 Part Breakaway Utility Knife Blades$7.34
MPCBT55 Pak Bow Tie Utility Knife Blades$7.53
MPCGP18Replacement Punch, CGP, 1/8″$19.93
MPCHB55 Pak Hook Utility Knife Blades     New Item #UBH5$7.34
MPDS1CWheel Set, DS1/DS2/DS3$9.38
MPHC1BPivot Pin Set For HC-1     $11.66
MPHC1DThrust Bearing W/Adaptor     $24.69
MPHC1EAdjustment Sleeve, HC1     $9.10
MPHC1GGuide For HC-1     $2.61
MPHC1IShoe Screw     $2.09
MPHC1KBearing, 3/16, Knurled     $11.24
MPHCADRight Angle Drive, HC1/2$50.38
MPM12NRBReplacement Blades, M12N$19.80
MPM14ARBReplacement Blades, M14A$22.78
MPM14NRBReplacement Blades, M14N$22.78
MPM2000SReplace Spring, Max2000     $2.28
MPMBLMini Brake Legs     $117.56
MPMC12ARBReplacement Blades, MC12A     $23.67
MPMC12NRBReplacement Blades For MC12N Malco Snip$23.67
MPMC14ARBReplacement Blades     $25.82
MPMC14NRBReplacement Blade, MC14N     $25.82
MPMS12RKReplacemnt Magnet Kit, 12″     $34.18
MPMS12RSReplacemnt Sleeve, 12″     $30.50
MPMV12RBReplacement Blade, MV12$22.74
MPRP2Replacemnt Divider Points$3.08
MPTRPRplce, Points, TR18/TR42$5.99
MPTS1RBReplacement Blades, TS1$35.62
MPTSCGTurbo Shear, Chuck Guard     $6.08
MPTSDCDrill Clamp For Malco TS-1Turboshear     $27.20
MPTSHDRBReplacement Blades, TSHD$53.57
MPUBS55 Pak UBS5 Utility Blade, Straight     $3.11
RW#5 BENCHMOUNTBench Mounting Base For #5 Junior Punch$31.00
STARRFL10030Meter/100′ Replacement Line For Chalk Reel$2.89