Other Tools

Item #DescriptionPrice
CMEQPT044″ Wide Plastic Putty Knife$0.97
CMEQWB4114″ X 11″ Wire Brush$3.43
EVERCRIMPFive-blade Straight Crimper, 9 3/4″ with 1 5/8″ crimp, orange grips$31.34
EVERCRIMPOFFSETFive-blade Offset Crimper, 9 3/4″ with 1 5/8″ crimp, orange grips$32.16
EVERFISHSTICKFish Sticks, 5-piece set, with carrying pouch, in clamshell$4.45
EVERFLASHLIGHTTelescoping Flashlight and Magnetic Pickup Tool$12.90
EVERFOLD24Folding Tool, 24″, lightweight aluminum$37.30
EVERHAMMERTinner’s hammer, 20 oz., SQUARE head, rubber grip handle$36.88
EVERKNIFEKDDK Dual Duct Knife, 11″, with Sheath$15.83
EVERTONGFairmont tongs, straight, 9 1/2″ with 3″ wide jaw$38.56
EVERTONGCUSHFairmont tongs, straight, with cushion grips, 9 1/2″ with 3″ wide jaw$41.34
EVERTONGOFFFairmont tongs, offset, 9 1/2″ with 3″ wide jaw$43.06
EVERTONGOFFCUSHFairmont Tongs, Offset, with Cushion Grips, 9 1/2″ with 3″ wide jaw$45.83
GEN1101/2″ Pipe and Fitting Brush$8.57
GEN1225/1Four-Way Key Chain Screwdriver$1.26
GEN151Flaring Tool 3/16″ to 5/8″$20.46
GEN21US Standard Sheet Metal Gauge$21.40
GEN482Swivel Head Deburring Tool     $10.43
GEN72006′ Fiberglass Folding Rule$18.22
GEN744Pocket Four-In-One Screwdriver$2.22
GENS8386 Pc Drill Stop Set$4.03
GOSS20HOSE20′ Vapor Propane Gas Hose     HEF20     $93.15
GOSSFLRFURNFloor Furnace     FP-540     $248.13
JIFFYAWL4″ Awl – Wood Handle$8.54
IRWINHANDICLAMP4″ Quick-Grip Handi-Clamp$4.94
JIFFYKNIFE6″ Utility Knife$8.19
JMSWABCarton/144 #1 Acid Swabs$18.98
JMSWABEACH#1 Acid Swab$0.33
MORSERCTCG44″ Long Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade.  Will cut fiberglass, lath, plaster, ceramic tile, soil pipe, composites, particle board, laminates, etc.$7.68
MORSERCTCG66″ Long Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade.  Will cut hardwood flooring, marble, hardened steel, fiberglass, lath, plaster, ceramic tile, soil pipe, etc.$8.81
MORSETA123/4″ Diameter Variable Pitch Holesaw With Built On Arbor$13.84
MP12FFolding Tool, 12″ (3/8″, 1″)$18.47
MP1660Tote Tray, Plastic$15.81
MP18Malco Divider$19.00
MP18F18″ Long Folding Tool For 3/8″ and 1″ Bends$25.77
MP24Malco Divider$21.06
MP24FFolding Tool, 24″ (3/8″, 1″)$34.13
MP2DHDuct Holder$40.18
MP2IN12IN1 Riveter, Hand$97.65
MP48ARRule, 48″ Aluminum$19.28
MP48BSRule, 48″ Tinners Circumf$87.30
MP48CRRuler, 48″ Circumference     $115.88
MP5018Spring – Sheet Metal Tools$1.38
MP9PKUtility Knife, Quick Open$12.47
MPA17/32″ Malco Scratch Awl With Large Orange Grip$4.62
MPA10Scratch Awl, Reg Grip, 3/16″$7.37
MPA21/4″ Malco Scratch Awl With Large Orange Grip$7.92
MPA20Scratch Awl, Reg Grip, 1/4″$8.41
MPA3Scratch Awl, Lg Grip, 3/8″$12.34
MPA40Malco Sheet Metal Scribe$4.07
MPA50RA50R Replacement Carbide Tip$11.84
MPA60Malco Sheet Metal Scriber$19.38
MPAC5MPlumber’s Roll, Mesh 5Yds$13.49
MPAOScratch Awl, Reg Grip, 1/8″$4.26
MPAOOScratch Awl, Reg Grip, 1/8″$3.86
MPC4RCrimper, Downspout, 5 Bld$43.93
MPC5ACrimper, Power Assisted     $261.66
MPC5R5 Blade Hand Crimper$42.98
MPC6RCrimper, Pipe, 5-Bld/Offset     $48.54
MPCDRDuct Ripper$20.56
MPCG10Caulking Tool, 1/10 Gal$6.67
MPCG12Caulking Tool, 1/10 Gal     $8.28
MPCG18Caulking Tool, 1/10 Gal     $29.39
MPCG20Caulking Tool, 1/10 Gal     $48.86
MPCGPRCeiling Grid Punch 1/8″$90.75
MPCR18Riveter, Economy Hand$40.55
MPCT425Tape Measure, 1″ X 25′$13.12
MPCT430Tape Measure, 1″ X 30′$16.44
MPDEFTDrip Edge Folding Tool     $93.07
MPDK6SDuct Knife, Dbl Serrated$18.73
MPDS1Straight Duct Stretcher$32.11
MPDS2Duct Stretcher, Offset$34.05
MPDS3Duct Stretcher, Locking$43.27
MPDSKRStarter Kit, Deluxe/Redline     $866.46
MPER3Edge Roller     $605.69
MPFDC1Cutter, Flex Duct     $52.50
MPFDC3Multi Purpose Flex Duct Tool$85.37
MPFSTFin Straightening Tool     $14.76
MPFST2Fin Straightening Tool     $14.76
MPFT195Flaring Tool-Bar Clamps     $68.30
MPGNDGutter Nail Driver$23.64
MPHAD1Hex Quick Change Adaptor$21.43
MPHC1Hole Cutter, Metal$83.53
MPHC2Hole Cutter, Metal, Large$106.34
MPMB48AMini Brake     $508.78
MPMS12Magnetic Hand Sweep 12″$115.51
MPMS65Mini Saw$7.73
MPMT10Multi-Track Plier, 10″$28.67
MPMT12Multi-Track Plier, 12″$35.69
MPMT7Multi-Track Plier, 7″$23.00
MPMW10Measuring Wheel     $116.43
MPMW19Measuring Wheel, 19″$160.93
MPNHP1RNail Hole Punch, Vinyl$54.45
MPPC9Terminal Crimper Plier, Lg$35.74
MPPL1RStud Crimper$105.20
MPPLD1Punch & Die Set For PL1$37.76
MPR308Deburring Tool     $8.52
MPRH4Hammer, Riveting, 12 Oz     $67.78
MPRH4VMalco 12 Ounce Riveting Hammer With Vinyl Grip$67.78
MPS10Malco Straight Seamer And Tongs$79.54
MPS11Malco Offset Seamer And Tongs     $74.73
MPS2R3″ Straight Locking Hand Seamer$62.76
MPS3R3″ Offset Locking Hand Seamer$69.40
MPS5RSeamer, Hand, 5″ , ALUMINUM ONLY$60.07
MPS6R6″ Straight Locking Hand Seamer$89.29
MPS9RSeamer, Hand, 9″$74.70
MPSC1Crimper, Single, W/O Grip$28.29
MPSC2Crimper, Single, W/O Grip$17.14
MPSCS12Malco 12″ Combination Square$20.93
MPSCS16Malco 16″ Combination Square$33.45
MPSG10Seamer & Tongs, Grip, Str     $83.59
MPSG11Seamer & Tongs, Grip/Offst     $78.78
MPSH3Hammer, Stting, 18 Oz     $67.41
MPSH3VMalco 18 Ounce Setting Hammer With Vinyl Grip$67.41
MPSL1RSnap Lock Punch, Metal$67.81
MPSL2RSnap Lock Punch, Mtl, Adj$52.67
MPSL5Malco Snap Lock Punch$23.99
MPSL8RSnap Lock Punch, Vinyl$61.75
MPSRT2Removal Tool, Vinyl Siding$8.20
MPSTKMRStarter Kit, HVAC Redline     $634.00
MPT416MTape Measure, Magnetic, 16′$18.50
MPT425MTape Measure, Magnetic, 25′$23.15
MPT430MTape Measure, Magnetic, 30′$28.95
MPTR18Trammel Point, 18″ T$29.73
MPTR42Trammel Point, 42″$34.64
MPTS1Malco Turboshear$67.49
MPTSCMTurbo Shear, Corrugated Metal     $133.26
MPTSF1Turbo Shear, Fiber Cement Siding$197.53
MPTSHDHeavy Duty Malco Turboshear$124.48
MPTSMDTurbo Shear, Double-Cut$141.05
MPTY4Tie Tensioning Tool$46.77
MPTY4GTie Tensioning Tool, Grip$50.48
MPTY6Tie Tension Tool, Auto$66.21
NEWCAULKGUNNewborn 1/10 Gallon Caulking Gun With Spout Cutter And Puncture Tool$37.04
OSBCOPPER011 Pound Soldering Copper (Weight/Pair; Priced/Copper)$43.27
OSBCOPPER022 Pound Soldering Copper (Weight/Pair; Priced/Copper)$51.06
OSBCOPPER044 Pound Soldering Copper (Weight/Pair; Priced/Copper)$73.37
OSBCOPPER066 Pound Soldering Copper (Weight/Pair; Priced/Copper)$103.76
OSBNIPPEREnd Cutting Nipper$50.49
OSBPOT12″ Cast iron Soldering Pot$70.72
OSBRUBBERMALLETSize 3 Rubber Mallet$18.98
RIVPD1Pulldog Riveter$19.78
RB12350612″ Long Saw Blade W/6 Teeth Per Inch.  For use w/general rough-in, all woods, nail-embedded woods.$33.15
RB650066″ Long Saw Blade W/6 Teeth Per Inch.  For use w/general rough-in, all woods, nail-embedded woods.$21.17
RUT1067272″ Long Fiberglass Rod Extension, 1/4″ Thread, .350 Diameter$15.89
RUT169066″ Diameter Polypropelene Chimney Brush$20.17
RUT169088″ Diameter Polypropelene Chimney Brush$22.76
RUT174193″ Pellet Stove/Dryer Vent Brush W/20′ Flex Handle$22.16
RUT174204″ Pellet Stove/Dryer Vent Brush W/20′ Flex Handle$22.16
RUT701Wood Stove Thermometer$18.30
STANLEYTAPE1/4″ Wide X 10′ Long Locking Thin Tape Measure$10.05
STAR100TAPE100′ Open Reel Nylon Tape Measure, Clad With Hook$41.15
STAR5#BLUECHALK5 Pound Bottle Blue Chalk$8.38
STAR5#REDCHALK5 Pound Bottle Red Chalk$8.38
STAR5#WHITECHALK5 Pound Bottle White Chalk$8.38
STARA9LEVEL9″ Long 3 Vial Torpedo Level With Grooved Base$14.36
STARAM9LEVEL9″ Long Magnetic Torpedo Level$16.48
STARM112 Ounce Aerosol Can M1 All Purpose Lubricant$8.42
STARS01YYellow Utility Knife$5.49
STARSK2Key Caddy$9.70
STARSTLFRAMESQUARE24″ X 16″ Steel Framing Square$14.88
STARYELCHALKLINEYellow Reel-Fast 100′ Chalk Reel With Line$8.09
STEADMAN TONGSSteadman Tongs$56.70