Item #DescriptionPrice
BATHOUSESecond Stage Regulator Cover/Aluminum Bat House$40.20
CHHSQSOAPSTONESquare Soapstone For Marking Black Metal$0.29
CMADHT11 Gallon Pail Hydrotak Insulation Adhesive$36.69
CMADSS366Spray Can Coil Cleaner$11.39
CMDRCL2Strike And Turn Sash Lock$1.28
CMDRCP103/8″ Latch Assembly$8.16
CMDRCP201/2″ Latch Assembly$21.53
CMDRCP51/4″ Latch Assembly$1.60
CMDRHP1121 1/2″ X 36″  Unplate Piano Hinge No Holes$4.34
CMDRHP1161 1/16″ X 36″ Unplated Piano Hinge No Holes$3.92
CMDRHP232″ X 36″ Unplated Piano Hinge No Holes$9.41
CMDRHT55″ Zinc Plated T Hinge With Holes$1.23
CMDRPVC14343/4″ X 50′ Roll PVC Gasketing 1/4″ Thick$10.77
CMDRPVC38343/8″ X 50′ Roll PVC Gasketing 3/8″ Thick$13.20
CMHV100ASAAerosol Spray Can Solvent Based Insulation Adhesive$10.43
CMLFSP1250100 Pak 1 1/4″ Long Self Adhesive Insulation Hanger With Washer$21.09
CMLFSP1750100 Pak 1 3/4″ Long Self Adhesive Insulation Hanger With Washer$21.56
CMMSC3617536″ Long Nylon Duct Tie For Up To 10″ Round Duct$0.88
CMMSC4817548″ Long Nylon Duct Tie For Up To 14″ Round Duct$2.00
CMMSFL16530165* 30 Lb Load Fusible Link$3.01
CMMSFL21230212* 30 Lb Load Fusible Link$3.01
CMMSHI103/4″ Wide X 10′ Long Galvanized Perforated Hanger Iron$1.76
CMMSHI1003/4″ Wide X 100′ Long Galvanized Perforated Hanger Iron$15.71
CMMSSFMMedium Snap Action Fastener 2 1/4″ Long$0.78
CMMSSFRRegular Snap Action Fastener 2 1/8″ Long$0.78
CMRAHTV200G2″ x 10′ Galvanized Hollow Turning Vane$1.28
CMRAHTV2GRA2″ X 10′ Galvanized Push Vane Rail$1.20
DRIVE10’LGTH26 Ga 1″ Drive Cleat Per Foot$0.45
DRYERBOX350Model 350 Dryer Box 3.5″ deep, Up-flow for 2 X 4 wall$37.89
DRYERBOX3DModel 3D Dryer Box, Inside Measures 14″ Wide X 16″ Tall $37.89
DRYERBOX400Model 400 Dryer Box, Retrofit (white)$42.33
DRYERBOX425Model 425 Dryer Box, Inside Measures 9 1/2″ Wide X 18 1/4″ Tall$37.89
DRYERBOX480Model 480 Dryer Box$46.97
DUCTCONNECON100′ Roll Neoflex Economy Grade Flexible Duct Connector$232.37
DUCTCONNPERFTDuct Connector Sold by The Linear Foot$3.96
FFFILTERSPRAYAerosol Can Filter Spray$4.76
FLUESTOPBLKBlack Adjustable Fluestop From 3″-8″$6.45
FLUESTOPGLDGold Adjustable Fluestop From 3″-8″$6.45
GALVOFF13 Oz. Aerosol Can Galv-Off – Cleans Build Up on Forming Wheels$11.13
HCSMARTFILTSEALSmart Filter Seal$7.18
HYFIREPITFG-16 Flame Genie Wood Pellet Fire Pit$126.26
JM505050/50 Stick Solder 1/2 Pound Meter Bar – Priced Per Pound$16.47
JMHANDCLEANERGallon Bottle Hand Cleaner$21.12
JMLLOYDSQuart Bottle Lloyd’s Flux For Soldering Stainless Steel$21.42
JMMETALCLEANERGallon Bottle Metal Cleaner$30.11
JMPASTELARGE1 Pound Jar Johnson’s Soldering Paste$9.49
JMSALAMONIAC1 Pound Bar Salamoniac$16.17
RUT100S3 Ounce Kwik-Shot Soot Stopper$2.94
RUT211Dry Mix 211 Refractory Mortar 10 lb.$30.23
RUT50CBox Safelite Firelighters$7.49
RUT575Bottle Gas Leak Detector$4.20
RUT600Castable Refractory Cement$38.89
RUT614Pint Stovo Stove Mortar$4.88
RUT618Stove Lining$7.35
RUT620BDamp Gone With Hang Up Bag$32.48
RUT624Insulating Cement$41.16
RUT70Stove Polish Paste For Cast Iron$7.20
RUT7205/8″ Wide Gasketing Per Foot$1.12
RUT7215/16″ Wide Gasketing Per Foot$0.96
RUT721N1/4″ Wide Gasketing Per Foot$1.04
RUT7223/8″ Wide Gasketing Per Foot$1.36
RUT7231/2″ Wide Gasketing Per Foot$2.12
RUT723W7/16″ Wide Gasketing Per Foot$1.36
RUT7253/4″ Wide Gasketing Per Foot$3.72
RUT725W7/8″ Wide Gasketing Per Foot$5.36
RUT75SStove Gasket Adhesive$4.51
RUT80Aerosol Can Flat Black 1200* Stove Paint$14.81
RUT81Pint Can Brush On Flat Black 1200* Stove Paint$22.32
RUT891/10 Gallon Cartridge Chimney Masonry Patch$8.39
RUTCHIMFEXChimfex Chimney Fire Suppressant$44.47
RUTWI21212Safe-T-Flue Creosote Remover$18.15