Vacation 2018

     Atlas Supply will be closed the week of 4/23 – 4/27 for vacation. Have a great week, we’ll be back bright and early on Monday, 4/30. Thank you!

Whole House Heat Pumps

Replace inefficient warm air furnaces with new heat pump!  Ducted heat pumps provide all the comfort and convenience of mini-split heat pumps, while also allowing you to filter your air, bring in fresh air, and humidify dry air.

  • No ugly wall mount units
  • Heating and cooling to each room for maximum comfort
  • Filtration, such as HEPA, is easily integrated into system to help remove allergens.
  • Easily install an ERV to bring in fresh air into your home.  Keep your home healthy.
  • Whole house humidification to keep you comfortable during the winter months.

Contact us for more pricing and more information.

TLC Insulated Chimney – Simple to install, cost effective, and safe

Whether you want it or not, summer will be ending soon.  The fall will usher in the cold air of winter.  If you’re thinking of installing a wood stove this winter Hart & Cooley’s TLC chimney will save you time and money on your installation!  This high quality stainless steel chimney costs less than other chimneys of the same caliber, while able to be installed quickly and easily by a DIY homeowner.  Come down today and receive a free chimney quote for your home!

All Fuel Stainless Steel Chimney
All Fuel Stainless Steel Chimney

Hart & Cooley Wall Grilles – Clearance

In an effort to bring you the best quality products for the lowest prices, we have been switching our register, grille, and diffuser offering to Truaire.  Truaire’s product line is better made, more readily available, and less expensive than the Hart & Cooley lines that were stocked before.
As part of any product line switch though, there are a few leftover odds and ends.  Here is a list of the wall grilles remaining, being offered to you at 50% off of your standard price!

Premium Custom Stainless Steel Chimney Cap – The Shaker Cap


Stainless Steel Shaker Cap
Stainless Steel Shaker Cap

Looking for an alternative to the flimsy disposable chimney caps you find at most stores?  Check out our premium chimney cap, The Shaker Cap.  Originally designed by Jeff Lothrop as a replacement chimney cap at the Shaker Village, this cap has become the staple of quality constructed chimney caps at Atlas Supply Corp.  Available in either stainless steel or copper, these caps can be made in many different sizes and will last a very long time!  Contact us for pricing and information.